Love & Peace "Magnolia"
Love & Peace "Magnolia"
Love & Peace "Magnolia"
Love & Peace "Magnolia"

Love & Peace "Magnolia"

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This was a turn in creation for me.  Full color and Flowers.  Once the first flower was created it became such a passion that i created flowers day and night.  These pieces take more than 200 hours each to create but well worth the time.  

Museum Print: (48"x48") on Satin Finished canvas Signed and edition numbered$5,800.00 - Edition 30. 1.5" Deep

Gallery Print: (36"x 36") on Satin Finished canvas Signed and edition numbered. $3,800.00 - Edition 60.  1.5" deep

Studio Print: (12"x12") on Cotton paper.  Paper size is 13"x19".  Ink coverage is 12"x12". $225.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)

Art Enthusiast Print: (8"x8") on Luster paper.  Luster Paper 10"x 10". Ink coverage is 8"x8". $75.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)


logo/watermark is for online only, it will NOT BE present on your print.




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Curry Mendes Artist

I love creating flowers and headdresses. So it is very easy for me to be influenced by them. I honestly could draw flowers all day long.

Creating Fabrics & Garments, completely inspired by My Art, is the most exhilarating expression o my art to date. I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

Enjoy your visit here and mostly enjoy the art.


My new yoga outfit colors are so bright & beautiful. It feels so incredibly comfortable I just wanted to wear it all day.

I will be ordering more, love it!

Julie W.

I love my capri leggings. The color is amazing and the fit fantastic. Having a demanding schedule makes life hard, however being fashionable so quickly by putting on my capris makes me very happy.

Janet H.

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