Art to Fashion is how this got started … and then the magic of Fashion influenced by my art made it super fun.

Hi, I am Curry Mendes an artist, illustrator and photographer.  I love everything creative and to finally have the technology to allow me to design fabrics and fashions is exciting.  As a digital artist I follow technology pretty closely.  Printing on fabric and making shirts has been around for awhile, but the quality just was not there for me to put my art on it.   Though Finally I have found a company that offers Integrity that matches mine.

  • Quality Fabrics
  • Quality Construction
  • Colors Are Vibrant 
  • Smooth to the Touch
  • Comfort Beyond Anything you have worn  

Confidence is something you will gain when wearing CurryWear. Our Active Wear is squat proof with multi-directionally weaved threads that are micro fibers to keep everything smooth and sleek.  There are no see through areas in our active wear, so those squats and many yoga positions will be done with a knowing you are looking great from every angle. 

We are a Custom Shop

Order – Print – Cut – Sew – Ship

This brings with it High and Endless Designs, because there is no inventory.  We create when you order.  So we can offer everything with Art or just Background.   It is all very exciting.  (Another huge benefit is there is no landfill involved with our clothing - Absolutely Amazing)

Enjoy the clothing, the art or all of it.

Peace & Light,

Curry Mendes

More Information:

This is how is started, putting my artwork directly on Shirts.   It took figuring out how to design the sleeves that allow the fun to really begin… because that lead to Clothing Influenced by Curry’s Art. It became so much more than shirts.  Click around and enjoy all the different ways art has been applied.