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Sometimes I just get a burning desire to create something new and fresh.  So I ventured into this beautiful man and music.   Not sure I could call any particular piece a favorite, but this one come close.  I love everything I create. 

Museum Print*: (108"x54") on canvas with a clear Acrylic Polymer Glaze over the top. Signed in Silver Ink with the edition number. $7,800.00 - Edition 25. (Gallery Wrapped) 2" Deep

Gallery Print*: (72"x36") on canvas with a clear Acrylic Polymer Glaze over the top. Signed in Silver Ink with the edition number. $4,800.00 - Edition 50. (Gallery Wrapped) 2" deep

Studio Print: (18"x9.5") on paper.  Paper size is 13"x19" acid free.  Ink coverage is 18"x9.5". $195.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)

Art Enthusiast Print: (10"x5") on paper.  Paper size is 8.5" x 11") acid free. Ink coverage is 9"x6". $45.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)

*Note that layers are clear glaze that is applied by a brush.  Sometimes though few, fine hairs from the brush may be found in the glaze and clear small air bubbles might be present.  I consider it part of the art and knowledge that it was hand applied by the artist.   This finish is glossy also makes it very easy to clean.

Shipping: All canvas prints are shipped rolled and there are additional costs in this process.  Should be shipped to your local framer for stretching on 2-inch professional grade stretcher bars.  Local to Palm Springs, California the piece will be stretched, all images are 2-inch gallery wrapped.

logo/watermark is for online only, it will NOT BE present on your print.




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I love creating flowers and headdresses. So it is very easy for me to be influenced by them. I honestly could draw flowers all day long.

Creating Fabrics & Garments, completely inspired by My Art, is the most exhilarating expression o my art to date. I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

Enjoy your visit here and mostly enjoy the art.


My new yoga outfit colors are so bright & beautiful. It feels so incredibly comfortable I just wanted to wear it all day.

I will be ordering more, love it!

Julie W.

I love my capri leggings. The color is amazing and the fit fantastic. Having a demanding schedule makes life hard, however being fashionable so quickly by putting on my capris makes me very happy.

Janet H.

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