To Be or Not To Be Grateful?


Since discovering a way to design fashion all based on my artwork, it has been nothing but pure excitement.  Partnering up with Producer of quality garments is what ultimately inspired these collections. 

I just love CurryWear and all of the excitement it will bring to our lives.   In designing these garments, I get to express beautiful designs that will being Joy to you and designs that will compliment our bodies. 

I look forward to getting these designs out there for you to enjoy.  Covid19 is making a few waves, but it will all be figured out and I will bring you amazing collections.   I have a few pieces up now, if you find something beautiful posted now it is 100% ready for order. 

Even though I like to work at a pace that is much quicker, I have to understand that the pace is being set by safety first and the health of those creating the garments. So yes indeed, i am completely grateful to have found the time and inspiration to put CurryWear on the market.   

Thank you for checking out CurryWear

Curry Mendes