Love & Peace - Roses - Colorful
Love & Peace - Roses - Colorful
Love & Peace - Roses - Colorful
Love & Peace - Roses - Colorful

Love & Peace - Roses - Colorful

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Due to the popularity my floral headdresses have received.  I have been asked to produce additional sizes.  This came up with the 20" x 20" version. 

(These will be limited edition of 90. Numbered and Signed.)

To hold the integrity of my original producing structure and much research within the art community.  I am offering this 20" x 20" print with a color background change. 

This keeps the piece beautiful and pop art.  The black background is only available in the original sizes and prices.  The colorful prints will only be offered 20" x 20" printed and delivered on metal.  There will be studio prints available that is 12" x 12" and that is on paper and Enthusiast prints 6" x 6".

This was a turn in creation for me.  Full color and Flowers.  Once the first flower was created it became such a passion that i created flowers day and night.  These pieces take more than 200 hours each to create but well worth the time.  

Colorful Edition*: (20"x 20") on archival paper then mounted on metal and covered with a matte laminate.  It is stunningly beautiful process. Limited Edition of 90 each color (Signed and Numbered)

Colorful Edition - Studio Print*: (12"x12") on paper.  Paper size is 13"x19" acid free.  Ink coverage is 12"x12". $195.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)

Art Enthusiast Print*: (6"x 6") on paper.  Paper size is 8.5" x 11") acid free. Ink coverage is 6"x6". $45.00  (Open Edition signed, but not numbered)

*Note all orders are custom orders. They are made at the time of purchase.  So there are no refunds available. 

logo/watermark is for online only, it will NOT BE present on your print. 




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I love creating flowers and headdresses. So it is very easy for me to be influenced by them. I honestly could draw flowers all day long.

Creating Fabrics & Garments, completely inspired by My Art, is the most exhilarating expression o my art to date. I am so excited to be able to share it with you.

Enjoy your visit here and mostly enjoy the art.


My new yoga outfit colors are so bright & beautiful. It feels so incredibly comfortable I just wanted to wear it all day.

I will be ordering more, love it!

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I love my capri leggings. The color is amazing and the fit fantastic. Having a demanding schedule makes life hard, however being fashionable so quickly by putting on my capris makes me very happy.

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